Mario VillatoroMario Villatoro


Hernia: L5-S1

Our patient Mario V, had been told by several doctors that surgery was the only option. He controlled the pain with morphine injections and sometimes was unable to work or play. We asked him to share his treatment experience with us:

“Well I can say it’s been great for me; thanks to the treatment, today I lead a normal life. I still have a couple of sessions, but I already recommend that this is an option that should be taken before any other. ”

Today, Mario is back to enjoying his favorite sports like running and playing soccer.

Linda GrayLinda Gray

Real State Office Owner at Playas del Coco

Originally from Laguna Beach, California

Linda shared her story with us:

“My pain was from sciatic nerve condition; it ran through my backside, hip and upper thigh. Therefore, I could not stand for very long or walk without pain, even with my pain pills.

I was in pain for 3 months. I had my family visiting us from the U.S. during the holidays. I felt so bad that I could not join them in touring and taking part in activities that were not even
strenuous. I had to walk with a cane, which was very intimidating and made me feel like an old worn out person.

Now, I can do the exercises the clinic therapist gave me without pain. Most important, I can sleep at night and live a normal life during the day without constantly taking pain pills. I CAN SMILE

The spinal treatment did accomplish what I signed up for – my pain is gone!

What is amazing to me is that doctors I consulted with did not tell me about the option of the spinal procedure. What a shame. I could have eliminated my pain so much earlier AND saved the
major expense as an outpatient and the spinal injection.

I just hope that doctors treating patients with back, sciatic and spine conditions will learn about the spinal procedure and recommend the Costa Rica Spinal Care clinic.”