Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a breakthrough innovation in the treatment of problems associated with the spine.

DRX9000 & DRX9500 for spinal decompression therapyThis technology is based on the classical method of traction, adapted to modern technology. It decompresses the discs and facet joints small, a progressive and painless, as it is fully controlled by software that applies proper intensity for each patient according to their weight. The discs can be regenerated by absorption of water and nutrients, achieving restoration of damaged structures throughout the treatment.

The treatment protocol consists of 20 sessions for lumbar decompression and 18 sessions for cervical decompression in a span of six weeks.

Each session includes 28 minutes of decompression and electromuscular stimulation lasting approximately 50 minutes.

The theory behind the DRX 9000 ™ and DRX 9500C ™

The technology originated with NASA scientists, who realized that in the absence of gravity, Astronauts experienced reduced stress on the spine, which resulted in the disappearance of back pain. The DRX managed to recreate this scenario on earth, applying a controlled sequence of spinal traction based on a progressive, painless formula invented and patented by Dr. Alan E. Dyer after ten years of research.