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Herniated Disc L3-L4 with 70% reduction

Name: Maria Eugenia Herrera

Diagnosis: Herniated Disc L3-L4 with 70% reduction

Before the treatment I could not walk with ease, and was in pain for three months. I was a slave of pain, and had to take very strong painkillers.

The treatment is very effective as long as you follow the instructions. It is a bit long (6 weeks), but worth it.

When I started I had to use a walker, and could not bear the pain with one leg. Halfway through treatment I was able to switch to a cane, and the pain had subsided. I finished the treatment plan, and now can walk without a cane, and I can do everything I used to do. I recommend the Costa Rica Spinal Care 100%.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.