Disc Protrusion L5-S1

Name: Oscar Valverde, 49 years

Diagnosis: Disc Protrusion L5-S1

“I’ve always had back pain, but the pain was manageable and did not last more than 1 or 2 weeks. My pain disappeared when I used my heating pad. I’ve always lived a normal life. Six months ago it was different, the diagnosis was an 8mm bulging disc at L5 S1.

I lived with a constant pressure on my sciatica that sometimes kept me awake, and would make half of my right leg fall asleep. The pain was unbearable.

I started the decompression treatment with a lot of hope, but it felt frustration when after I felt no improvement in the first week.

The improvement came the second week of treatment, but when I had to stop treatment for a week, the pain came back.

I followed the directions to the letter, and felt much relief after doing the exercises. The pain disappeared during the fourth week of treatment.

Today I’m starting to exercise again, and I’m especially working to strengthening the back muscles. I’m optimistic. I have zero pain, and If I follow the directions given to me I think I can avoid another injury.

I thank the staff at Spinal Care by Costa Rica with their professionalism and care that helped me return to my normal life ”

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