Herniated Discs L4-L5 / L5-S1

Name: Ruben Monge, 38 years

Diagnosis: Disc Herniation L4-L5 / L5-S1

First, I give glory to God for my health, and my recovery from my Lumbar Herniation crisis.

Find and take this noninvasive alternative way out of a lumbar pain. It has been the best decision I have made in recent months to help with my lumbar herniations.

It was the worst six months of my life. I had no power to feed my 2 month old daughter, shifted from an active life to a life in bed or in a clinic ingesting a number of drugs including steroids and morphine, among others, to overcome the intense pain caused by this condition. Specialists and neurosurgeons recommended two different surgeries to fix the issue. All I could think was that would not be able work to support my child during the recovery time, and surgery was a risky proposition. I was so stressed out.

Thanks to Costa Rica Spinal Care I could care, feed, bathe, take only my daughter (now 7 months old) in just one week of treatment, so I could start a process of hope that I could overcome my crisis without surgery.

Today, two months into the spinal decompression therapy, I have managed to return to working life with a new job, I have the chance to give my daughter a bright future, and I have the courage to move on with my life, with the consciousness of having proper care for my back.

Thank God for your mercy. Just say the word to heal!!!!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.