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Herniated Disc L3-L4 with 70% reduction

Name: Maria Eugenia Herrera

Diagnosis: Herniated Disc L3-L4 with 70% reduction

Before the treatment I could not walk with ease, and was in pain for three months. I was a slave of pain, and had to take very strong painkillers.

The treatment is very effective as long as you follow the instructions. It is a bit long (6 weeks), but worth it.

When I started I had to use a walker, and could not bear the pain with one leg. Halfway through treatment I was able to switch to a cane, and the pain had subsided. I finished the treatment plan, and now can walk without a cane, and I can do everything I used to do. I recommend the Costa Rica Spinal Care 100%.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Herniated Disc L4-L5 / L5-S1

Name: Yenny Vargas

Diagnosis: Herniated Disc L4-L5 / L5-S1

“After eight months of intense pain, taking many types of drugs, various therapies, I was starting to get desperate. I didn’t feel that surgery was a safe option. I had a very active life, but at any moment if my discs moved into the wrong place, I would not be able to dress myself. Lots of long sleepless nights, with pain and more pain …

By chance, I found this treatment and it has been better than I could have hoped. I was at a pain scale of 10, and today I can say I have no pain or discomfort.

I highly recommend spinal decompression treatment. It is the best non-invasive and painless option out there.

Thanks Costa Rica Spinal Care ” 100% recommend

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Herniated Discs L4-L5 / L5-S1

Name: Ruben Monge, 38 years

Diagnosis: Disc Herniation L4-L5 / L5-S1

First, I give glory to God for my health, and my recovery from my Lumbar Herniation crisis.

Find and take this noninvasive alternative way out of a lumbar pain. It has been the best decision I have made in recent months to help with my lumbar herniations.

It was the worst six months of my life. I had no power to feed my 2 month old daughter, shifted from an active life to a life in bed or in a clinic ingesting a number of drugs including steroids and morphine, among others, to overcome the intense pain caused by this condition. Specialists and neurosurgeons recommended two different surgeries to fix the issue. All I could think was that would not be able work to support my child during the recovery time, and surgery was a risky proposition. I was so stressed out.

Thanks to Costa Rica Spinal Care I could care, feed, bathe, take only my daughter (now 7 months old) in just one week of treatment, so I could start a process of hope that I could overcome my crisis without surgery.

Today, two months into the spinal decompression therapy, I have managed to return to working life with a new job, I have the chance to give my daughter a bright future, and I have the courage to move on with my life, with the consciousness of having proper care for my back.

Thank God for your mercy. Just say the word to heal!!!!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Disc Herniation L4-L5

Name: Jose Angel Diaz Brenes, 54 years

Diagnosis: It has been one year after an L3-L4 laminectomy, and Disc Herniation L4-L5 that has not been corrected with surgery

“I had been in pain for about 6 months. I felt terrible, but had no other procedure, and doctors recommended that I get surgery at this level as well (L4-L5). I underwent treatment for spinal decompression, and I can now say I feel 90% better. I live happily with minimal discomfort. I’m really glad I found this treatment at Costa Rica Spinal Care

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Disc Protrusion L5-S1

Name: Oscar Valverde, 49 years

Diagnosis: Disc Protrusion L5-S1

“I’ve always had back pain, but the pain was manageable and did not last more than 1 or 2 weeks. My pain disappeared when I used my heating pad. I’ve always lived a normal life. Six months ago it was different, the diagnosis was an 8mm bulging disc at L5 S1.

I lived with a constant pressure on my sciatica that sometimes kept me awake, and would make half of my right leg fall asleep. The pain was unbearable.

I started the decompression treatment with a lot of hope, but it felt frustration when after I felt no improvement in the first week.

The improvement came the second week of treatment, but when I had to stop treatment for a week, the pain came back.

I followed the directions to the letter, and felt much relief after doing the exercises. The pain disappeared during the fourth week of treatment.

Today I’m starting to exercise again, and I’m especially working to strengthening the back muscles. I’m optimistic. I have zero pain, and If I follow the directions given to me I think I can avoid another injury.

I thank the staff at Spinal Care by Costa Rica with their professionalism and care that helped me return to my normal life ”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Lumbar Herniation L4-L5 / L5-S1

Name: Hugo Rojas Herrera, 74 years

Diagnosis: Lumbar Herniation L4-L5 / L5-S1

“Now that I ended the treatment, I can say that I feel much better, and it is much easier to stand.

Before, I needed someone to help me stand. I was in pain for about 1 year, and was in a lot of pain. I was taking pills for a long time, but they never took the pain away completely.

Several doctors told me I needed surgery to relieve my pain, but I went to Costa Rica Spinal Care to avoid an invasive treatment, and my pain was alleviated. I no longer feel pain in my back or legs, there is only a mild discomfort in the groin area. But, I don’t need medication anymore, and I am performing my usual daily activities. I’m happy with the outcome of my treatment. ”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Lumbar Herniation L2-L3/L4-L5

Name: Tobias Salazar, 70 years

Diagnosis: Lumbar Herniation L2-L3/L4-L5

“Well, my experience with spinal decompression treatment was very good. Now, I can stand better, and walk longer than before. I can perform activities of daily living much easier. Even my family have noticed the difference.

My pain started a year ago, and really hurt my legs and lower back. Now it does not hurt me.

When I was in a state hospital they recommended surgery, but my daughters and I preferred to look for another solution. That is when we found Costa Rica Spinal Care. I think this treatment achieved my goal, and I just have to keep doing a little more each day as I continue to improve. ”

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Herniated Disc L5-S1

Name: Mario Vilatoro-Empresario

Diagnosis: Herniation L5-S1

Several doctors told him that surgery was the only option. He controlled the intense pain with morphine injections sometimes, and even had to leave the sport. We asked him to share his experience of treatment and this is what he told us:

“Well I can say it’s great for me. Thanks to treatment today, I lead a normal life. I’m still missing a couple of sessions, but I recommend that this It is an option that should be taken before any other. ”

Today he enjoys sports like running and playing soccer.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.

Pseudo-protrusion L4-L5, protrusion L5-S1

Name: Lynda Gray

Diagnosis: Pseudo-protrusion L4-L5, protrusion L5-S1

My pain originated in the sciatic nerve; stretched from my back, to my hip and upper thigh. I could not stand for long or walk without pain, even taking pain pills.

I had pain for three months. My family came from the United States for the holidays, and I felt so bad that I could not join them on excursions or activities even if they weren’t strenuous. I had to walk with a cane, which was very embarrassing, and I felt a worn older person.

Today, I can do the exercises the therapist gave me at the clinic. And most importantly, I can sleep at night, and live a normal life without taking pills. I can smile again! Treatment fulfilled what I wanted, and my pain disappeared!

What surprises me is that the doctors I consulted with had not told me about this treatment. It’s a shame.

I’ve taken the pain for some time, and have had injections and outpatient expenses incurred. I just hope that doctors who treat patients with back or sciatic nerve pain, become informed about this treatment and recommend Costa Rica Spinal Care clinic.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person.